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1. Build high quality cabinets

2. Stand by our product

3. Give our customers’ complete approval and satisfaction

Who We Are

Rosehill Woodcrafters was founded in 1993 in MacGregor, Manitoba by Harvey Boehlig.

Harvey remembers growing up near the Rosehill district as a child, going to the Rosehill School for DVBS, community picnics, baseball games, etc. and as a young adult, he lived in the Rosehill district. When he started a cabinet shop, there was no other option than to call it Rosehill Woodcrafters.

What started as a one-person shop has grown to more than 20 employees serving Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Western Ontario. From day one, our goal has been based on integrity, fine craftsmanship and delivering high quality products.

Throughout Rosehill, you will find a dedicated team that truly holds our customers interests at heart. We know how important it is to find an ally you can trust to help you navigate the renovation process with patience and expertise.

​ Choose us for your dream project, we would love to work together!

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Rosehill Woodcrafters is the only cabinetry company

certified by the CKCA in Manitoba and

one of eleven in Canada.

We are a certified member of the CKCA. 

Our cabinetry is lab-tested on workmanship, durability, chemical resistance, door strength, etc. offering you a

high quality product that meets CKCA’s high

standards and certification.  

Beautiful and high quality cabinets. 

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