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We are happy to offer Project Management Services to our customers looking for help with their entire renovation. This gives you the benefit of working with one designer throughout your project, who will be responsible for your design as well as scheduling and facilitating the transfer of important information. We want to offer our customers the peace of mind and time savings of dealing with a single company from start to finish.  

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There are many aspects of a kitchen renovation that are not covered in a standard cabinetry quote.  If you are planning on changing your flooring, need assistance with plumbing and electrical work, or are planning on removing walls, many aspects of your project may require permit applications and work done by skilled trades.

Through our Winnipeg showroom, we have partnered with a handful of trusted local contractors to offer these services within the city limits (service outside of Winnipeg dependent on contractor availability).  Whether you are looking for help with finishing touches such as back splash tile, or are planning a major renovation, Rosehill Woodcrafters can guide you through!  We have the experience, dedication, and care to provide a high quality finished renovation that will add value to your home, and which we hope you will love for years to come!  

For pricing and more information, contact us here or give our Winnipeg office a call at 1(204) 783-9795.

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