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What our customers have been saying!

We love knowing our customers are satisfied and love their Rosehill cabinetry.


What our customers have been saying!

We love knowing our customers are satisfied and love their Rosehill cabinetry.



"We bought a whole custom kitchen from Rosehill and they arranged the contractor and everything. They transformed an ugly, outdated, non-functional kitchen into the most amazing kitchen ever! We get so many compliments on it, and recommend Rosehill to everyone we know (friends have since had Rosehill design and build their new kitchen, too!). Without hesitation, we'd recommend Rosehill to anyone. The service from start to finish of the project was outstanding... not just at the beginning like many other businesses. All the staff are terrific... friendly, professional and so highly skilled." ​ Steve + Alys W. | Winnipeg, MB


"We are very happy with the finished job Rosehill completed in our kitchen.  All the information we were given was accurate and work was performed as promised. Your customer service was very professional. More companies could learn from your example. Thank you once again." ​ Christine K


"This was one of the most pleasant experiences we have had when dealing with a third party supplier. They were professional, extremely helpful, accommodating and very hands on through the whole process. You know a company cares when the President and owner personally gets involved. Thank you Harvey and Taylor for making this a most pleasant experience. The quality of the product was definitely superior and exceeded our expectations. Would definitely deal with Rosehill again." ​ Peter G. | Winnipeg. MB


"Rosehill Woodcrafters is amazing to deal with - the staff are great and super friendly! Andy did an amazing job designing our new kitchen and bathroom vanity and offered many great ideas to make the functionality of our kitchen perfect! The quality of the cupboards exceeded my expectations and they look amazing. We are very happy with them!" ​ Natasha Z. | Winnipeg, MB


"We are so pleased to have chosen Rosehill to handle the remodel of our kitchen. The quality of their cabinets and their fit and finish surpassed all other companies that we had considered... Rosehill, Jade and Derek could not do enough to ensure everything was perfect and we were satisfied." ​ Barney B. | Winnipeg, MB


"During the past five years, I have had the pleasure of dealing with Rosehill Woodcrafters during the course of undertaking a complete renovation of my kitchen and bathroom. I expected these projects to be very stressful and time-consuming for me; however, I was pleasantly surprised that the whole process went very smoothly thanks to every there who was involved in the production of the cabinetry and installation. The workmanship of the cabinetry is superb and I am totally enjoying these renovations. I would like to especially acknowledge Andy Bergen whose expertise and insight was of great benefit to me in the planning and design of my new kitchen and bathroom.​More recently, I was in need of replacing a few of my kitchen cabinets due to flooding my sink over onto some of the cabinets, causing damage during the Thanksgiving weekend storm. I now have the replacement cabinets installed and am very pleased with the result. This experience was stressful but, thanks to those at Rosehill Woodcrafters being involved in planning for, building and installing, the whole process went smoothly and very satisfactory for me.​Thanks again for making me a very satisfied customer. I would highly recommend Rosehill Woodcrafters."​Bev M. | MacGregor, MB

Special thanks to our customer for trusting and sharing your dreams with us.

We value your business and have enjoyed working with you as you

see your every detail and dream come to realty.  

We love knowing our customers have enjoyed working with us and love their

Rosehill Woodcrafters cabinetry.


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