Do you offer refacing services?

We no longer offer refacing as one of our services. There are a handful of companies in Manitoba who specialize in this and they are a quick google search away!

What is your turnaround time/how long will it take to get my cabinets?

On average it can be anywhere between 6-10 weeks. There are many factors that go into how soon we can get your cabinets to you. How busy our shop is, if the products we need are stocked or special order, size of job, etc all play a role. We always provide our customers with a more accurate timeline and keep them updated along the way if there are any delays or if it will be ready earlier than expected. We are proud of the quality craftsmanship we offer and do not sacrifice quality for quantity.

What type of cabinetry do you do?

We offer high quality custom cabinetry. This includes kitchens, bathroom vanities, bars, closets, laundry rooms, entertainment units, storage, china cabinets and more! Send us a message about your project today!

I bought a kitchen from (insert company name) a few years ago and I need to repair/replace/refinish a cabinet. Can you do this for me?

Whether the cabinetry is 1 year old or 20 years old, we do not work with cabinetry other than our own. Matching door styles and stains from other companies can be difficult and we can't guarantee a match. In addition to this, it opens ourselves up to more liability. We recommend going back to who you purchased the cabinets from originally or seeking out an independent contractor/handyman.

I bought kitchen cabinets from you in the past and recently purchased a new fridge and it doesn’t fit in my fridge cabinet. What can I do?

Depending on the layout of your kitchen we could make a new, larger fridge cabinet. Contact us to find out what your options are!

My Rosehill cabinetry looks water damaged. Is that covered under my warranty?

Water damage is not covered under our warranty. To make a warranty claim, get in touch with your Sales Consultant or contact us at 1 (204) 685-3022.

Do you offer supply only cabinets?

Yes! Get in touch with us through our website or with a Sales and Desgin Consultant directly to learn more!

Do you have any items that were made wrong/are damaged or you have too many of that I can buy for cheap?

We make all of our cabinetry to order and do not have a warehouse with pre-made cabinetry. As for damaged/made incorrectly items, we don't often have any of these on hand. If we ever have products to sell, we post them online on our social media and/or on Kijiji.

Do you have any display model kitchens for sale?

We don't have display model kitchens for sale very often but if we do we post them on our social media, kijiji and Facebook Marketplace.

How much does a kitchen cost?

The price of a kitchen depends on a lot of different factors. We are able to accommodate many different budgets and styles so the best way to find out would be to get a free quote from one of our talented Sales Consultants.