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Rosehill Woodcrafters offers a variety of products and services including both indoor and outdoor cabinetry, countertops, sinks and taps.



Design Services

Basic design services are included in every Rosehill job. This includes designing the layout of your cabinetry, selecting cabinetry materials and colours, handles, countertops and other design choices related to your cabinetry. We do not offer full design services for non-cabinetry related items such as flooring, paint for walls, furniture etc. If you do require these services we would be happy to refer you to an interior designer or decorator.

Contracting Services

Almost every job we do requires additional skilled trades/contractors. While we do not have electricians, plumbers or general contractors on staff,  we do have a network of trusted professionals we refer our clients to who work with our cabinetry regularly and do great work and our Sales Consultants would be happy to connect you with them.


Customers often worry that the final measurements will be up to them. Worry not! We will come and do a final measure of your space before sending your job into production to ensure the most accurate measurements are used.

Delivery and Installation

Your cabinetry will be delivered to your home the the day of your installation prior to the installers arriving.

We have a team of skilled installers who know our cabinetry inside and out.  Installation is included in your quote, however, you can opt to install yourself. We only recommend this if you have experience installing cabinetry, and of course by installing yourself you are waiving any warranty issues due to incorrect installation.

Cabinetry Removal and Disposal

Cabinetry removal and disposal is the responsibility of the customer. However, if you are interested in these services we are happy to provide them for an additional fee that can be added onto your quote at your request.


Rosehill Woodcrafters is proud to offer the following products:

  • Custom cabinetry + millwork

    • Kitchens​

    • Bathroom vanities

    • Entertainment units

    • Laundry rooms/storage

    • Closets

    • Bars

    • Commercial desks, storage, etc

    • Not sure if we can do what you need? Reach out and see!

  • Naturekast Outdoor kitchens

  • Countertops from a variety of retails including, but not limited to, the following materials

    • ​Laminate

    • Quartz

    • Granite

    • Porcelain 

    • Butcher block

    • Solid surface

  • Life with Pearl sinks, taps and more

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