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Kickstart your kick**s backyard BBQ situation!

Updated: Jun 19

I was 12 years old and had been invited to a friend’s birthday party.  My friend had the bonus of being born on July 1st, CANADA DAY!  Their dad was going to get the coals heated up around 4:00 and by 5:00 they’d be throwing the burgers & hot dogs on.  There was going to be about a dozen kids, plus her parents’ friends coming for a Canada day BBQ.  I couldn’t wait.  Growing up we didn’t have a BBQ of our own at that point, so being around the grill was a treat for me….until it wasn’t.  There were a couple issues.  First her dad didn’t have any lighter fluid for the coals.  When I was a kid, the stores were closed on Canada day, so he was crumpling yesterdays news paper fighting with quickly diminishing flames in hope something would keep smoldering away.  Smolder it did.  In their tiny back yard, we felt trapped, and to make matters worse, we weren’t allowed in the house because they were trying to keep it cool in there for the evening.  The second problem started as soon as he was cooking, the grill wasn’t heated enough to start, but with so many guests to serve he wanted to get something going as quickly as possible.  The portable charcoal grill could only hold a few burgers and half a dozen hot dogs at one time.  The hot dogs wanted to roll off the grill because the ground the BBQ was on was uneven.  So, there was her dad throwing his diminishing supply of newspaper into the charcoals with a few new charcoals every couple minutes followed by sticking his BBQ forks into the grill on one side to prevent the hot dogs from falling off entirely.  I don’t think we ate until after 7:00 that day.  We were exhausted, her dads face was red as a beat from standing in front of the grill for so long.  I don’t think anyone enjoyed that day.

Look how far we’ve come!  Modern outdoor kitchen cabinets & appliances would have been a godsend that day.  An entire area designed & created for functionality, entertaining, efficiency and easy clean up.  Rosehill’s NatureKast weatherproof cabinets & accessories are designed to last.  Designed with hi-density resin cabinet which replicates the texture and natural colour of real wood and is 100% weatherproof!

Are you ready to upgrade your back yard?  Reach out to us today and kickstart your kick**s back yard BBQ situation at

There is a full complement of interior kitchen amenities that can be added to your outdoor kitchen. Here are a few examples, including some essential outdoor kitchen appliances:

·         Faucet and sink

·         Built-in countertop side burners

·         Flat-top grill

·         Outdoor pizza oven

·         Countertop steam table

·         Warming drawers

·         Refrigeration and ice-making appliances

·         Drop in counter cooler

·         Cooler insulated drawers

·         Evo grill / green egg 

·         BBQ

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