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Updated: Jun 19

“One of my favorite things is trying new restaurants.  Trying new food with good friends is one of the best ways to spend an evening.  Recently, several friends and I tried an Arepa Bar. We didn’t understand what the menu said AT ALL!  Our saving grace was our wonderful server, who ironically was named GRACE.  She patiently went through the menu with us explaining what we were trying to read, noting what kind of spices & seasonings were used on certain dishes & why.  Not only that, she made recommendations for each one of us at the table, and each was a home run!  I can’t remember the last time I so thoroughly enjoyed a new restaurant experience.  It got me thinking about my decision recently to upgrade my kitchen and how similar these experiences were…..”


.....Much like going out to dinner at a new restaurant, choose from the menu and then put your trust in the chef and kitchen staff. The ordering process is no different ordering your kitchen with us. Our "kitchen staff" and designers have designed many kitchens with many satisfied customers, and received rave reviews.

Lets get started..

Step 1. Your current space 

-List a few ideas of what you’ve seen that catch your eye, and any notable accessories you’d like to incorporate (our showrooms both have more than 40 accessories to see and try out)

-Take several pictures of your current space (try to get the whole kitchen in one picture)

-Measure your left wall length, back wall length, right wall length, ceiling height, and Island space. 

Step 2. Collect & Collaborate ideas with us.

-Make an appointment with us, share your vision, pictures, inspiration, and we’ll bring our best ideas to the table and begin planning next steps.

Step 3. 3D plans coming up!

-Leave it with us, our team will create a 3D plan for you to review and make any needed adjustments.

Step 4. Your final drawing of your discussions, plans and choices.

-With a finalized layout, you simply need to make selections with our staff that reflect your design and style choices, including handles, countertops, sinks and faucets.

-Make the deposit, and your plans go to production to build your perfect project and gets Installed!

Follow our full menu on... Facebook and Instagram.... for inspiration and ideas.

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